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Italian Train Tickets

A word about reservations…

There are some trains in Italy that a ticket can be purchased for and the traveler can simply hop aboard the train and travel, however; many are high-speed trains that require reservations. Our system has the intelligence to reserve seats when reservations are required. It takes the guesswork out of buying tickets and delivers one price inclusive of both the ticket and reservation.

If you are traveling with a rail pass and needing to make reservations for train travel in Italy, simply click in the box, that states, "Are you traveling with a rail pass?" and enter the name of your rail pass. Then click Search and we will provide the best options available for your journey.

Hint: Some Italian cities can’t be linked by just one train. In certain cases, try breaking the trip down into two segments. Click here for a map to help find a connecting city.

Rome - Trevi Fountain
Rome - Trevi Fountain

For those wanting to travel to just one or two cities in Italy, train tickets may be the best option. By knowing the schedule ahead of time, tickets and reservations for the desired trains to travel on in Italy can be purchased trouble-free up to 90-days before the train departure date.

With a ticket there is no need to worry about using up leftover days on a rail pass or having it activalted before travel. A ticket offers convenience and ease of traveling from one city in Italy to the next. Of course, if you're traveling between two or more cities in Italy you may want to consider getting an Italy Pass.

High-Speed Trains in Italy
Choose from the same Trenitalia and Italo train tickets and fares in North American as are sold in Italy, including access to a vast schedule selection. For your convenience, e-ticketing options are also available. You’ll find a range of tickets that can be tailored toward your individual needs for a truly unique adventure.

Le Frecce Trains
Operated by the national railway of Italy, the Le Frecce line of trains offers comfort, style & speed. Learn More.

Italo Trains
Operated by NTV (Nuovo Transporto Viaggiatori), Italo trains redefines comfort and safety with its state-of-the-art train. Learn More.

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