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Map of Italy

Rail Map of Italy

From our map of Italy, take a look and see just how close cities in Italy are to each other. It's a good idea to take a look at the map of Italy, when making your vacation plans to be able to estimate distances between places you want to travel to and from.

By taking a train, these cities are even closer than they appear using the high-speed rail networks in Italy. While some boots were made for walking, this boot was meant to ride the rails through!

To view an rail map of Italy, click here.

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For travel between 2 or 3 cities in Italy, a train ticket will probably work best in comparison to a rail pass. Purchase your train ticket(s) now and easily connect from one city to the next without waiting in line at a train station in Italy.

Waiting until you get to Europe to purchase your train tickets for a specific train, you may find that tickets may be sold out or only the most expensive tickets are remain available for purchase.

Popular routes: Time*:
Rome to Florence 1 hr 18 min
Rome to Venice 3 hrs 50 min
Rome to Naples 1 hr 8 min
Rome to Bologna 1 hr 57 min
Rome to Milan 2 hrs 55 min


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